6 thoughts on “Sleep pod on Qantas

  1. Thea — I have long been concerned about this issue. Since 1994, to be precise, when I flew from the west coast of the U.S. to the east coast of Russia, crossing the international dateline and losing a day in the process. (I think it was July 8, 1994.) My problem is that I never went back the other way to get the day back! Instead, I travelled on to St. Petersburg and Moscow, returning from there to the U.S. across the Atlantic. I am convinced that, since then, I have been one day out of synch with the rest of the world. Which might account for why I am a social outcast.

    • Hey Donald, Thanks for visiting and for commenting! Only a single day out of sync? Wouldn’t we add up all the days we missed and then be down a negative number especially if we didn’t go back the other way to collect?

      • No . . . it was just that one day, July 8, that I never experienced. It’s gone — like it never existed in my reality plane. All of the other days that have occurred since the date of my birth right through today I have actually experienced.

      • I’ve visited Australia a number of times and Tahiti, too, so I’ve lost a few more days than I’ve picked up! Best to the family!!

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