Tina and I get our photos taken with (wild) Animals

Koala Pic

Koala Occy is definitely the cutest of the bunch!

It was a “no-brainer” for me and Tina to have our photos taken with a Koala Bear at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctury. This wouldn’t be the first time we had our photo taken with an animal. Years ago we went to the State Fair in New South Wales and had a similar albeit more pedestrian experience. Perched on bales of hay, a “baby” lamb (as my son Wolfgang would call it) in our arms, we smiled for the camera.

Tina’s son Rowan, then a tiny baby was fast asleep in a carriage nearby (or as she and her friends had dubbed him because he was so revered “The Baby Jesus”) so he missed the photo op. Tina and I thought it was hilarious to have our photo taken in this kitschy way but I still treasure the moment. We discuss it to this very day. (Now, I just have to find the photo! When I do I will scan it and post it. This was pre-digital, folks!)

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Currumbin, Gold Coast is one of the few places that allows their Koalas to have photos taken with people.

At Currumbin, it was a rainy day and we were dodging the drops. In the enclosure next to the photo area, the koalas looked like giant cotton tips perched on top of the trees, burrowed into themselves. They were doing exactly what anyone would wish to do on a hazy and cold morning – sleep! Our funny furry friend, named Occy (pronounced Oh-kee) was launched into our arms by a wonderfully protective wildlife expert. Occy was on a strict schedule. His Koala union card said that he was allowed to “work” 30 minutes at a time. The terms of his contract ensured that he had a good long rest in between sessions.

The photogenic Occy was anything but sleepy as he climbed into our arms and posed for the pic. Tina and I mugged for the camera, too, happy to embrace the furball. Imagine something as soft as the most expensive Scottish cashmere and a Koala bear is softer!

We smiled at each other, happy, and waited for the “snap” of the digital camera. We picked up our photos, collapsed in laughter, and decided we must carry on the tradition, where and when to be determined.



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