Tattoos as Art? CAFAM says, “Yes!”

I was lucky to preview the L.A. Skin and Ink exhibit at Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM).

It is a very cool show about the history of the LA tattoo as art with something for everyone, from neophytes to those well-tattooed. The show just opened last Saturday night so check it out! This is part of CAFAM’s attempt to attract a whole new set of members and visitors! I’m sure they will.

My husband is convinced that everyone sports a tattoo despite the fact that none of our family members do! However, after seeing the Tattoo exhibit at the tiny CAFAM museum on Wilshire in Miracle Mile I might have to change my stance, too! Or even get one myself…

What do you think? Yes on the tattoo or no?

A photo of me sitting in one of the exhibits! It is a chair used for tattooing that allows you to “see” what a tattoo might look like on you! Swell, I think.


This is original artwork for tattoos from the exhibit. The ship is still my favorite!


The original Sunset Strip Tattoo Shop!


6 thoughts on “Tattoos as Art? CAFAM says, “Yes!”

    • It is so funny because that chair at the exhibit was just to show what it would like like if you had a tattoo. So, everyone thinks I got a tattoo! If I did, it would be Wolfgang and Mario’s name. Mario keeps wanting to get my lips tattooed on his arm! Wacky.

  1. no tattoo. long ago, before you were born, at a ouji session with my sister and sundry cousins the question was asked
    if she should get a tattoo. without hesitation the answer board moved to NO. do not defy the seer. on the other hand if
    you feel like it, go for it. love, dad

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