Wolfgang Falls Asleep (Part 2)

Last night we read Chronicle’s book about astronaut Michael Collins called The Man Who Went to The Far Side of the Moon.

Michael Collins, Chronicle Books

Michael Collins, Chronicle Books

We pretended to be astronauts.

Wolfgang wanted to be Neil (Armstrong) after he found out that Buzz (Aldrin) couldn’t be the first person to step on the moon due to Buzz’ cramped position in the Columbia spacecraft behind the inward-opening hatch.

W: “I’ll be Neil (Armstrong). You be Buzz (Aldrin).”

M: “OK. Let’s go to sleep. Goodnight, Neil.”

W: “Goodnight, Buzz.”


W: “Let’s Hug.”

We hug.


W: “Let’s kiss.”

We kiss.

And Wolfgang / Neil turns over and falls asleep.


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