Read My Story in the Wall Street Journal: LACMA’s CEO Michael Govan Gets Real About Travel


Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s CEO and Director Michael Govan

 I have a story in the Wall Street Journal’s Off Duty Travel section. For the story, I was able to spend time with Michael Govan, the CEO and Director of my hometown’s museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Hanging out with Govan is a little like…taking a journey. He gives you the feeling that there are depths, currents and forces beyond your control that you want to know more about. He shared one of his most intimate experiences with me: traveling cross country in a tiny CESSNA airplane with his only daughter Ariana when she was 16. Family road trips are an earmark for every parent and child, turning points for relationships. What music to listen to, what snacks to eat, how many bathroom breaks to take. If you’ve ever traveled with a child, especially one on the brink of adulthood, this story will touch you.

Let me know what you think of the piece. Please comment!

Have you had an amazing travel experience, too? I’d love to hear about it.


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