I am featured as a Travel Expert on Zip Car’s New Blog: Ziptopia

Read my travel tips on Zip Car’s newest blog Ziptopia.

Ziptopia 1

Just click on the photo of a person using an iPad to read my contribution. Why a photo of an iPad? Because my biggest travel tip is the pre-packing checklist.

I have a great checklist. I can pack stress-free and super quick thanks to the checklist.  Of course, my son Wolfgang always helps me pack and so I usually end up with magic markers, a stuffed animal or two, and a snack pack of fruit gummies.

Pre-Packing Checklist Bible

After so many years I know my checklist by heart. It’s more of a Bible than anything.

Times do change, though, and my list with it. Some things have been added over the years. More space is devoted to electronics and gadgets. But I no longer drag a portable printer with me! Those were the days when I had to print out a story, and then fax it back to the newspaper’s office. Email wasn’t always accessible.

I rarely print the list anymore because I call it up on my iPad (hence the corresponding photo on Ziptopia of checking my iPad).

Lipault RubyPatentSatchel_email

Take The Lug Out Of Luggage With Lipault

One thing that the Ziptopia blog didn’t mention is that I’ve found nirvana with the newest Lipault bag. It has four wheels to make it easy on the back when zipping around through airports. I’m not a light packer and so having to tug on a bag strains the upper back, the neck and the shoulders unnecessarily. Take a tip from this frequent traveler and get the four wheel advantage.

The Zip Car blog link – in case you want to share it: http://www.zipcar.com/ziptopia/around-the-bend/7-insider-tips-to-make-travel-easier-than-ever

Take time out of your busy travel schedule and prepare a checklist. Let’s compare! Maybe we can help each other make travel just a little less awkward.


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