Tote Bag As Parental Godsend

The schlep factor of being a parent should not be underestimated. Should non-parents or parents think that the burden eases after a child is successfully potty trained, thus, being able to shed the indispensable diaper bag, he or she would be wrong. Shlepping continues at every developmental stage of the child. My child, being in the avid reader phase, requires umpteen books to be fetched and returned from the library weekly. Luckily, authors have been kind enough to think of and write books in series. There’s plenty of choice in age-appropriate and not-so-appropriate series. Barbara Park’s Junie B. Jones clocks in at 28 books not including ancillary titles, Cynthia Rylant’s Henry and Mudge has 27 titles, and the Queen of Children’s Series, Mary Pope Osborne, is still pumping out The Magic Tree House series, with a whopping 54 titles plus complementary research guides. The ribald Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, by genius entrepreneur and comic writer Jeff Kinney, is nipping at the heels of more established writers with 11 titles under his belt, but he landed a film, and some ancillary titles, too.

While I thank the writers for the arduous task of churning out the books that amuse and enlighten the entire family, the delicate curvature of my spine is not a happy camper. Finding a way to definitively schlep the books to and fro without ending up in the emergency room (been there, no, seriously, done that) has been a mission of mine. Finally, the end-all, be-all tote bag that is whiz-bang at holding library books (and a stuffed animal or three) without causing even a mild case of sciatica is here! The tote bag of every parent’s dream! I present The Sacred Geometry of Chance, a tote bag by fine artist and educator Mario M. Muller. Its groove-factor is almost outweighed by its usefulness factor. Almost.

Feather-lite and capacious, the tote bag adds zero strain to over-aching muscles. Next to a massage on the beach, it’s the best thing you can do for your own ever-declining health and the ever-expanding minds of your children.

To purchase:


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