The Glam Eyes Have It

Latest item in a line of fashion and lifestyle accessories. Who’s staring at you? Rita Hayworth on side and Elizabeth Taylor on the other. Other high-powered, sexy combinations include Grace Kelly and Joan Blondell. To purchase: Shop The Store . The images were created by LA-based artist Mario Muller. An avid cinemagoer, Muller sketched a series of original drawings of old Hollywood actors and actresses. The portraits include leading men like Burt Lancaster, Gene Kelly, Gary Cooper, and James Dean. The sultry leading ladies prefer to leave more to the imagination: a heavily-lidded eye here,  a pursed mouth there.  The actresses include Vivian Leigh, Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow. For queries to purchase the series or request a commission of your favorite Hollywood star, contact via Twitter @trufflehunting.


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