Postmortem on Mother’s Day

IMG_0979IMG_0980And there you have it. While I have nothing against Mother’s Day one does begin to ponder that the flower and restaurant industries are in cahoots to ram flora and French Toast down our collective mothers’ throats. IMG_0989How well does my 8-year-old son know me? Just well enough to include in his Mother’s Day gift (thank you Stephen Wise Temple and Schools @WiseLa) the word “tidy” in his description of what I like to do best around the house. Yes, I admit! I’m a tidier.

IMG_0991My husband on the other hand knows better than to offer second rate flowers like those shown above in the garbage can. His flowers last longer and are always heartfelt.


bliss spa knows that Moms need balms and potions to keep us happy. The Westwood, California-based spa nestled in The W Hotel donated bags of products to those in need for Mother’s Day. Charmese Chandler of bliss spa put on a very happy face as she handed me the products to bring to Stephen Wise Temple and Schools where the Social Action Committee created gift bags from these and other donations. The gifts bags distributed through two community organizations: West Hollywood Food Coalition and the Alexandria House. Just a little reminder that we all need a helping hand sometimes. Below: Moms Maxine Kleinman and Katrin Shaoulian, parents of children at Stephen Wise Elementary School,  took the time to sort and create the dozens of gift bags to be delivered to moms in need.



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